f*choir is a collective endeavour lead by performance artist Jenny Moore. Based in London, it has become a place to gather in body and voice. Our aim is to practice intersectional feminism, providing space for all our voices to be heard. We don’t assume anybody’s gender, origin or sexuality and discuss our politics face to face between rehearsals.


In the winter of 2016, Keep it Complex brought a group of art workers and activists together at Unite Against Dividers, a weekend of workshops, debates, questions and networking to equip and activate the arts community after the UK’s EU Referendum. Angry, burnt-out, exhausted, and over-stretched from self-organising, KIC invited Jenny Moore to lead a vocal workshop around her song “We Want Our Bodies Back.” It was then when f*choir was first rehearsed and founded, continuing to run fortnightly ever since.

Led by Jenny’s exploration into choral arrangements, composition, and song-writing, the members of f*choir commit to showing up for each other, exploring collective singing as a feminist practice. 

What is feminist about singing? (excerpts from our workshops)

“Making money, looking hot.”

f*choir member

“It’s a pro-attitude to feminism!”

f*choir member

“Clap clap clap, applause!”

f*choir audience